Out of Africa Boxed Set 7-9

Out of Africa Boxed Set 7-9

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The box set includes:

Out of Touch:

A bitter shell encases Winona Brandt’s heart – keeping everything in and everyone out. But, when she meets a silver-haired legal eagle, Noni discovers something poignant and promising. A second chance at love offers hope and healing; but, haunting echoes of past regrets plague Winona’s ability to commit to a new relationship. (Book 7)


Out of Options:

At each turn, Maggie Thompson has made the wrong decisions; and, now her life will never be the same. With everything at stake, Maggie is out of options; and, her family’s precarious future hangs in the balance.

For the Brandt’s, a whirlwind of conflict sends their tattered family flying to the four winds. Combined with the chaos that their elderly ward thrusts into their lives, John and Catherine find themselves ensnared in a life-altering battle that hinges on the past and threatens everything they hold dear. (Book 8)


Out of Chances:

A wild week of holiday shenanigans left Ronnie Brandt with an unexpected gift – one her hunky fireman might not appreciate. But, with nowhere else to turn, Ronnie seeks out the fun-loving comedian in hopes he’ll do the right thing. (Book 9)


These books contain Subtle to Warm Sensuality and Rare/Mild Profanity



All 3 books will arrive in one digital file via a download link to your email box within minutes of your purchase.