Out of Africa Boxed Set 1-3

Out of Africa Boxed Set 1-3

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The first three dynamic novels in the Out of Africa series from Michele Pollock Dalton.

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The box set includes:

Out of the Ashes:

John Brandt is a man on the edge of professional burnout and personal self-destruction. Fragile Catherine Kavanagh is grieving and alone with nothing but faith and determination to sustain her. Will the boyish charm of the neighborhood Casanova be able to break through the fear and heartache that clouds Catherine’s future? (Book 1)


Out of Time:
John and Catherine Brandt embark on the first exciting steps of their journey together as man and wife. As billowing storm clouds gather on the horizon, the newlyweds face a challenging season of doubt, discouragement, and despair. (Book 2)


Out of Desperation:

Maggie Thompson and her daughters are confronted with the devastating consequences of horrific child abuse. For John and Catherine Brandt financial troubles, personal trials, and an uncertain future weigh heavily on the couple. (Book 3)


These books contain Subtle to Warm Sensuality and Rare/Mild Profanity



All 3 books will arrive in one digital file via a download link to your email box within minutes of your purchase.